Heidi Hanson, Owner
Southern Connecticut/NYC
(860) 301-1177
Dee Dee Benyi, Senior Bridal Consultant
Northern Connecticut/MA
(860) 841-2418
Please call or email to make an appointment
Mail Address
77 Wilson Road
Easton, CT  06612

2 thoughts on “contact

  1. Hi Ladies! I wanted to reach out about possibly working together on a blog or write up to contribute for your website.

    I have been in business for 12 years and I have been in the beauty industry as not just a business owner but educator and hair stylist for 16 years. I know you probably already know this but, if you don’t that is my background 🙂

    A goal for 2017 is to increase education and awareness for clients when it comes to beauty tips, advice, or just planning when it comes to wedding day beauty. I would love to see if you have interest to have us do a guest blog post for you about any of those topics or something more specific to your clients that may have questions and want pro beauty advice. Just the same if you have anything you would like to contribute that we could share, I would love to see if you have ideas that would help our clientele.

    If you have interest in working together please let me know!

    Ashley Stone

    1. Hi Ashley!
      Thank you for reaching out!! We would love to work together, If you want to do a guest post on our page we would love it!! We can work on a post for your page as well. We will keep you posted and let us know when you have yours to share. Enjoy the snow today! 🙂
      Always & Forever Weddings

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