This week has been a crazy one, but we love crazy!   Many people ask us how our days are spent, so here’s a little sneak peek into the life of planner during a week:

Monday – Prep for a 2013 meeting, design two inspiration boards, confirm meeting, get mom and bride’s cell phone numbers in case something comes up.

Tuesday – Prepare all documentation for March 2013 couple, meet with mom and bride for over two hours, talk about  what they like, don’t like, budget, venues, decor, wedding style, theme development, dresses and everything wedding related.

After meeting speak with DJ about another 2013 wedding to confirm details and secure contract.  Send three emails to another client and florist to confirm Skype meeting.

Wednesday – Respond to several emails, schedule a Friday morning appointment.  Continue to work on scheduling venue appointments for new March 2013 couple we met on Tuesday. Speak with a June 2012 couple and provide quote.

Thursday – Rework inspiration board for March 2013 couple, respond to more emails, and prep for Friday morning meeting.  Confirm rentals for a corporate event in June, blog

Friday – Early morning client meeting, blogging, prepare two quotes for client, prepare weekend to-do list, confirm venue meeting for the following week

Saturday – Try to accomplish some of the things on the to-do list, get organized for the next coming week, volunteer at a new winery, website updates

Sunday – Relax? Ha we never relax!


Meet Elizabeth and Jamie a 2013 Couple | CT’s Premiere Wedding Planners and Coordinators

I first met Elizabeth and Jamie back in September 2011, they were flying in from London and were hoping to hire a wedding planner and choose a reception and ceremony venue all within one week!  I was so excited to meet with them, it was a dreary day and we met at a Starbucks.  I loved them instantly, between Elizabeth’s super sweet nature and Jamie’s rocking Scottish accent, I knew it was a perfect fit.

Listening to them talk about how they met and when they got engaged, I could feel so much love between the two and I knew that I wanted to make their wedding planning perfect and easy.  One of the tricky things was they were not planning to be back until Mary of 2013, a week before their wedding!  Planning from London was never going to be a challenge, thank God for Skype!  After meeting for about two hours we parted ways as they were going to check out some potential venues.  They promised to get back to me before they left.

I was so excited to see their email when the next day saying they wanted to hire me!  I quickly did a contract and met them a day later at the same very Starbucks.  We talked about their venue choices, budget and potential number of guests.  Luckily they had enough time to narrow down their venue choices to two, the Inn at Longshore and Mystic Seaport (two amazing locations)!  I was so excited , loving both those venues, and I knew whichever one they chose would be perfect for their New England inspired theme with Scottish components woven in.

So, they left two days later, and we’ve been skyping every two weeks since!  I’ve been busy visiting venues, working on budgets, securing contracts, scheduling Skype sessions for entertainment, florists, and a potential justice of the peace.

So, I know the suspense is killing you… Jamie and Elizabeth chose the Inn at Longshore, perfect for a Memorial Day weekend in 2013.  With the majority of the guests coming from overseas, Westport offers the perfect location for their destination wedding.  So far we’ve ordered save-the-dates, chosen bridesmaid dresses, secured the venue, started a preliminary wedding day timeline, spoken with a DJ, florist and created an inspiration board.  We are so looking forward to their big day next year, and are recently excited to learn they are hoping to come back this November to meet with some more vendors!!

Here’s to the happy couple!

Wedding Vendor Wednesday | The DJ Network | Always and Forever CT’s Premiere Wedding and Event Planners

We are pleased to introduce our new line of blogs on Wednesdays – Wedding Vendor Wednesday – where each week we will feature one of our favorite wedding vendors.  This week is all about The DJ Network!  The DJ Network is a disc jockey referral service – individual companies – helping you quickly and easily find what you are looking for. Planning the perfect event is hard work, but finding the perfect music does not have to be. The DJ Network has access to over 30 top-rated professional disc jockeys. All you have to do is click on their website . Tell them when, where, and what you like, and they will help you find the perfect entertainer for your event.   The DJ Network provides services in CT, MA, RI and NY.

The three DJ companies that make up The DJ Network are:

Atmosphere Productions
Specializing in Weddings with Elegance, Style and FUN for over 25 years. See how we can make your special day unforgettable & unique. Experience The Difference.
featuring Sylvester Samuels

Rob Alberti’s Event Services, DJ & Lighting
At Rob Alberti’s, we make sure that our brides know it is their special day, and that your DJ/Event Director is there to facilitate the festivities without being the center of attention. Transforming space, light & sound.
featuring Rob Alberti

Keith Alan Productions
Keith Alan Production’s goal is to provide an upbeat exciting atmosphere where all of your guests are comfortable as well as entertained.
featuring Keith Alan

We love working with the DJ Network! They always provide the best music and really set the tone for the reception.  Never cheesy, always playing the right music to get your guests out on the dance floor and it is never about them!  We have been working with Sam from Atmosphere Productions for over 9 years now, and in fact he was my wedding DJ!   Keith, Sam and Rob have great personalities, are very high energy, extremely talented and absolutely love what they do!  If you are in the market for amazing entertainment for your wedding, contact them!

The DJ Network
Keith Allan, Sylvester Samuels and Rob Alberti


Weddings Steps Bridal Show A Success | Premiere Wedding Planners and Corodinators for Connecticut/MASS/RI and Westchester County, NY

I can remember back when I was planning my wedding. The excitement of walking into a bridal show was overwhelming. I remember feeling nervous about talking  to all the vendors and excited seeing all their wonderful ideas showcased. I remember the time it took to fill out all those forms to receive follow up information ( why didn’t I think of labels back then?) and who can forget how heavy your bag gets!  You need an entourage to help nowadays!

Yesterday was very much the same, except I was on the other side of the table.

Yesterday we were at the beautiful Waterview in Monroe. The show was  sponsored by Weddings Steps, and let me say, they know how to do it! Wonderful pre-show media campaign, organized set up, name tags to identify the brides, a great fashion show, and well orchestrated door prize raffle . The really overlooked nothing and it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

We saw so many brides; over 250 attended. They ran the gamut of emotions and it was great to see the excitement and all the beautiful rings! We met a bride that had planned her wedding in 18 days and was looking for a few final touches and  a few brides that were taking their time and carefully making their decisions for 2014 weddings. We booked appointments with a brides that are getting married in a month and are a little stressed and a mother of the bride that just wants it all to be perfect!  It was great to talk to so many people.

We were very lucky to find a little time to meet some new vendors and to chat with some old friends. One of our show neighbors was the very talented Diane Gaudett from Custom Floral Designs in Newtown. We were so fortunate to have all this beauty to look at all day.




















We spent some time in the photo booth at The DJ Network table, we will spare you the embarrassing pictures, but our buddy Sam convinced us it was a good idea!

We are looking forward to connecting  with all the brides we spoke to yesterday and explain more of our services and how we can help them execute an amazing day!  For those of you who have never been to bridal show, we highly recommend attending at least one.  If not for anything but to sample the cakes, cupcakes, and champagne.


Connecticut Wedding Planner | Halloween Wedding Trends

Having a Halloween wedding?  You don’t want to miss these scray ideas!  Choose a haunted venue for our reception.  A Victorian hotel or old mansion wiht rumors of unsual activities going on, is perfect to set the scene for your big day.  Popular colors include purplse, burnt orange, red, black, white and swilver.  These colors work well with the season and can also provide an elegant touch.

Having trouble with table linens, go with black or dark jewel tones in volvet, damask, silk or taffeta.  Pick an accent color fo your napkind (i.e. burnt organe napkin with black velet tablecloth). Add lots of black, white or accent colored candles to the table.  Dark chivari chairs with dark colored seat cushions are the perfect way to finish off the look.

Calla lillies and roses work great for a Halloween wedding, choose red, blck, ivory, white, plum or orange.  Add dried branches, black feathers or peacock feathers to add interest and texture. 

You can add illuminated pumpkins to the entrance walkway, gift table, entry way table, seating chart table or food stations.   Organ music or classical music work great for a Halloween theme. 

Why not incoporate pumpkin into your dinner menu; pumpkin tarts, cheese balls or hummus with pita chips are great ideas.  You can also serve roasted pumpkin seeds at the bar!  Looking for some Halloween inspired cocktails?  How about caramel apple, green appple or pumpkin martinis; bloddy mary’s or hot run apple cider. 


Consider doing a Halloween Candy inspired Candy Bar!   And for your wedding cake consider red velevet or pumpkin spiced cake! 

Here are some photos to get your inspired!

Connecticut Wedding Planner | Rock ‘n Roll Weddings

I love rock ‘n roll, put another dime in the jukebox baby!    What better way to have say a rock ‘n roll wedding than with these amazing shoes from Betsey Johnson

And these are perfect for the groom


Loving the style of this dress and it is perfect for the rock ‘n roll bride to be

 and of course for the groom and groomsmen – a little green day

As with most themeed weddings, it always helps to think outside the box.  To pull together your rock ‘n roll wedding we recommend you choose a fun song for your ceremony and introductions, how about U2’s Song, “All I Want is You”.  Incorporate non-traditional readings into your ceremony such as the lyrics from Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.  All these little details can really pull together your rock star wedding and your guests will feel like they are at a concert with you!  Just don’t start a mosh pit!!!

Wedding Music

The music sets the tone for your wedding. A lot of brides and grooms choose two sets of performers for their wedding;  one for the ceremony and another for the reception. You may, for example, choose a band, DJ, solo singer, harpist or combination of two or more. Wedding bands usually have demo tapes or sample music available on their website.  If not you can always request an audio or videotape. Bridal shows often showcase bands, which is another great way to get hear them. Your musician’s personality can add much to the marriage ceremony and can make or break your reception. So it’s important that you select your entertainment carefully.  Regarless of  who you choose make sure their personality matches what you are looking for.  We have a list of preferred entertainment vendors and can help you select the perfect music to set the tone for your big day!  Call us today!