Real Weddings with Always & Forever {Sara & Tony}

The morning of the wedding, the nerves are settling in, the timelines are being checked, then checked again, and checked one more time. The bridal party is gathering and prepping for the big day, the photographers are beginning their preparations, texts are going back and forth with the planner checking in and making sure that everything is going smoothly! The groom is set and ready for the day! A few bridal party drinks are poured….And then…..everyone begins to arrive to the venue, decorations are set, food is cooking, music is starting, bridesmaids and groomsmen begin to walk down the aisle. The groom is waiting for his beloved at the end of the aisle and they catch each other’s attention and take off!! The wedding ceremony goes off without a hitch! Tears are shed, laughs are heard, and one big smooch and they are officially married!!! Let the party begin!!! So much goes in to the wedding and when it’s all over you have this feeling of wanting to do it over again! It may not be possible until….you get your amazing pictures and you get to enjoy each moment again with your love and be in absolute bliss!!

These photos are some of our favorites of an absolute AMAZING day with Sara & Tony at the Hangar at Candlelight Farms!! Swooning can begin now! All photographs are from Image Lumiere Studios.

This was so much fun and Sara and Tony certainly had an amazing time!! We love getting photos from our brides and being able to relive their wedding days again!! We are looking forward to our 2017 season with many beautiful moments, laughs, and lots of love!!!

Until next time,

Meg, Heidi & Grace


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