Man-gagement Rings?!

Photo from Top 10 Wedding Vendors

So I came across this topic of man-gagement rings and I actually kinda loved it! WHY don’t more men wear engagement rings and flaunt them with their soon to be Mr. or Mrs.?!  I’ve never personally seen a man with an engagement ring on but the topic interested me so much I just had to do a little digging.

Photo from The Atlantic

An article popped up written by The Atlantic and it stated how back in the 20’s jewelers actually tried to upsell the idea of men wearing engagement rings BUT it obviously never stuck because its twenty-sixteen and I’ve sadly never come across it. Although it is twenty-sixteen right? Change is beyond us! And people are furiously accepting the unknown and craving to show their individuality.

And since individuality is so MAJOR and valuable to oneself, why not dare to be different and embrace the new? Come on now, man-gagement rings aren’t even nearly as expensive as women engagement rings! Seriously the average cost of a woman’s engagement ring is six thousand dollars when a man-gagement ring is near three hundred dollars! Can you say AMEN.

Photo from Wedding Bee

Man-gagement rings are worn in Same Sex marriages and those men are wearing those rings BEAUTIFULLY. I say let this trend grow and become something amazing between two people. But with all SERIOUSNESS if Michael Bublè can sport the man-gagement ring, why can’t we all?

Now how might you pick your man-gagement ring?! Well that really all depends on your man’s style. Does he like copper, gold, titanium, sterling silver? Or does he like thin rings, thicker rings, or does he even want diamonds? There is a lot when it comes to picking your man-gagement ring but do not stress! I included a guide I found on BuzzFeed to show you some awesome ideas for those beautiful man-gagement rings. So go have some fun and start mixing and matching those engagement rings with those wedding rings!

Photo from BuzzFeed

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