Focus On A Giveaway | Always and Forever Wedding Planning & Coordination

It is funny how you can focus so strongly on something and then completely loose focus on other things.

We have severely neglected our blog lately. It is not that we have been too busy.

It is the off season. That means that we still work pretty darn hard.

There are weddings to plan but when there is a month or two without an actual wedding, we seem to shift focus. We work behind the computer screen a lot. It is just differnt.

With this shift of focus, we increased our Facebook link to out page activity.

Our daily 1 vs. 2 has been a hit with some of the posts getting viewed by over 1000 people. That is great for a small CT company and we are thrilled with all the new attention. I have been stalking our page, wondering how many hits we will get on each day’s post. The numbers are still good but our LIKES are not.

In all of the fun of the voting, I lost focus on getting more people to LIKE our page. It seems silly really. The more LIKES that you have, the more people that our posts will reach and the more people you reach, the more business you can generate. So it is time to Re-Focus and you can benefit from that. If you are reading this blog post it is probably because you have liked our Facebook page. So head over to our page  and follow these instructions. Share our page and get your friends to like our page. Have your friend post on our wall saying that you referred them. Once we reach 400, we will randomly choose one new LIKE and you and your friend will each win a $25 visa gift card.



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