We know that the bliggity blog has been a little vacant lately.  Well we’re busy!  Really, really, uber ridiculously busy!  Just a little taste of what’s been going on…

Last week we were working with three of our current clients to get things done, crossed off, checked, to move on to the next big thing.  So one couple getting married next March, needed some assistance with finding a rabbi to do an interfaith wedding, had to get their STD’s out, needed to book a florist appointment, had to decide on having a ceremony in a tent due to the number of guests not fitting in the room of their venue…..All the while keeping mom and daughter from not trying to kill each other!

During the same time, we had a graphic designer working on an invitation for our lovely London couple, changing it to be more Scottish without full-fledge Scottish flair, revising a florist quote, getting out-of-town guest hotel room information and pricing,  and figuring out how many hair and makeup appointments….

During that same week we coordinated an engagement shoot at a local vineyard in Granby, Lost Acres.  Wow it is gorgeous!  (more to come on that will be blogging).  The whole shoot was based on this amazing etsy.com find, of a banner for the couple to use for their STD…well the couple was a little scattered that morning and forgot their banner!  Well, thanks to Dee Dee, she happened to have all the right things (in the trunk of her car) to make a STD banner…it was awesome…another reason why I love her so much…seriously who has a roll of burlap, yarn and fabric paint in their trunk???? (stay tuned for photos)….

During that same week, we picked up a new wedding, yes for this year 2012….Yes for August 25th to be more accurate.  7 Weeks, 7 weeks to plan these awesome folks’ wedding, who live in Canada, won’t meet them officially until two days before their wedding.  So fast forward to tent appointments, catering appointments, florist appointments, invitation wording, STD wording, all that while they are planning a separate Canadian event for last weekend…

So just a little taste of last week…this week of course is a little quieter, just a little….happy July 4th everyone!


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