It’s Good To Always Have A Plan | Connecticut’s Premiere Wedding and Event Planners, Always and Forever, LLC

It was just about 9 years ago when I decided to create Always and Forever, LLC.  Having done event planning for years for corporate clients and non-profit organizations, it seemed only natural to make the leap into weddings.  While they may seem completely different, they are pretty similar.  There is always a customer (bride/groom), always a venue, menu choices, hotel concerns, décor needed, and day-of logistics.

Nine years and two kids later, I use my planner knowledge to throw some pretty amazing birthday parties for my kids.  My son’s first birthday was an army inspired party complete with matching family camouflage gear, a face-painting station with none other than camo, an army tank cake that my husband and I created, and an army tank piñata with close to 125 guests!  Guests really got into it showing up in full-camo gear, and that one year old boy sure loved that tank cake.

A few years later it was time for my daughter’s Diva themed 1st birthday party….perfect for her little attitude.  Zebra goodie bags filled with rock star sunglasses, lip gloss, bling rings, and , of course,  hot pink and black feather boas.  She embraced her inner diva that day…and has done so ever since!

As the kids get older, the parties have been combined.  There was Sponge Bob with a homemade Krabby Patty Cake, jellyfish scavenger hunt and handrawn art. Then the Circus party with carnival games, face painters, cotton candy, snowcones and “popcorn” cupcakes.

Fast forward to this year……..the theme will be Slither and Swim!!  After several years of my daughter begging for a princess party, I had to give in.  Little does she know that “Ariel” will arrive with The Little Mermaid music, singing a song, telling stories and posing for photos (to me the best part).  And then there is Slither! We have hired an amazing animal entertainer who has assured me every child (who wants to ) will be able to touch the snakes, lizards and hopefully a baby alligator (my favorite).  Now I get to plan all the little details…that is what I like, the details. The little things that make an ordinary birthday party, extraordinary.

It is good to have a plan…and I am never without one!

~ Heidi


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