Wedding Vendor Wednesday! Kelly’s Sweet Rewards…did someone say cake?

Sweet Rewards

 Custom cake studio recognized for gourmet cake flavor combinations, and creative designs.  Sweet Rewards enjoys working with the bride and groom to create the perfect cake design for their special day. Incorporating those special details, such as the colors of her flowers, or replicating the stitching design of her dress. Making each cake with the best ingredients, fondant made from scratch and every rose made by their very own designer hands….Sweet Rewards cakes are truly the best of the best.

photo credit Everlasting Film and Photography

photo credit Everlasting Film and Photography 


Why we love Sweet Rewards:  Number 1 reason? Um, CAKE!  That is not really the number one reason. We love Sweet Rewards because of Kelly. Her talent and creativity is amazing. Her baking skills are even better and she is a really great person. When I first met Kelly it was a few days before Christmas. The groom had flown in on the red-eye from the West Coast and the tasting was to be his breakfast.  We struggled to make decisions on cake flavors because they were all so darn good. That morning, we decided on a multiple flavor cake. The design was based on a picture the bride had seen and Kelly executed it flawlessly. That morning I also developed a new obsession. Kelly’s Coconut cake. I could talk about it for hours, and I have been known to. Trust me when I tell you, it is incredible, and by incredible, I mean the best cake I have ever tasted!

You can check out Kelly online or stop in to see her in Brookfield.



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