Weddings Steps Bridal Show A Success | Premiere Wedding Planners and Corodinators for Connecticut/MASS/RI and Westchester County, NY

I can remember back when I was planning my wedding. The excitement of walking into a bridal show was overwhelming. I remember feeling nervous about talking  to all the vendors and excited seeing all their wonderful ideas showcased. I remember the time it took to fill out all those forms to receive follow up information ( why didn’t I think of labels back then?) and who can forget how heavy your bag gets!  You need an entourage to help nowadays!

Yesterday was very much the same, except I was on the other side of the table.

Yesterday we were at the beautiful Waterview in Monroe. The show was  sponsored by Weddings Steps, and let me say, they know how to do it! Wonderful pre-show media campaign, organized set up, name tags to identify the brides, a great fashion show, and well orchestrated door prize raffle . The really overlooked nothing and it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

We saw so many brides; over 250 attended. They ran the gamut of emotions and it was great to see the excitement and all the beautiful rings! We met a bride that had planned her wedding in 18 days and was looking for a few final touches and  a few brides that were taking their time and carefully making their decisions for 2014 weddings. We booked appointments with a brides that are getting married in a month and are a little stressed and a mother of the bride that just wants it all to be perfect!  It was great to talk to so many people.

We were very lucky to find a little time to meet some new vendors and to chat with some old friends. One of our show neighbors was the very talented Diane Gaudett from Custom Floral Designs in Newtown. We were so fortunate to have all this beauty to look at all day.




















We spent some time in the photo booth at The DJ Network table, we will spare you the embarrassing pictures, but our buddy Sam convinced us it was a good idea!

We are looking forward to connecting  with all the brides we spoke to yesterday and explain more of our services and how we can help them execute an amazing day!  For those of you who have never been to bridal show, we highly recommend attending at least one.  If not for anything but to sample the cakes, cupcakes, and champagne.



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