My Mom Rocks The House | CT Wedding Planner and Event Coordination

So I know one of the goals this year was to blog more and this is something that is a daily struggle for me.  What if I have nothing interesting to say?  What if my advice isn’t helpful to anyone planning a wedding? What if I blog and it has nothing to do with weddings, will our readers still be interested?  So today’s post is all about me….take it or leave it, like it or don’t, but at least learn more about me!

My 4-year old daughter has started saying this week, “My mom rocks the house.”  It is hilarious because she does a little dance while she says it.  The other day I stepped back and thought, I really do rock the house!  I have a full-time job doing event planning and fundraising for a non-profit in Westport, CT; have a newly budding photography business in its 4th year shooting weddings, events and families; on top of the full-time wedding planning business that is now in its 9th year; oh and I have a 6 year old son who is in Kindergarten and a husband with a crazy job that has him working all hours of the night, day, weekends, holidays, etc….so that leaves me to do 99% of the childcare, bus stop, drop-offs, pick ups, dinner and lunch maker, referee, battery changer, remote controller, boo-boo fixer, story teller, question answerer (all those hard ones about babies, death and puppies), and a million other things that my kids are always throwing at me (literally and figuratively)!

I have recently made our dining room into a makeshift office. Having only dined in there once in the four years we’ve lived in our house, it seemed fitting to retrofit it to a workspace.  This has been helping everyone (including myself) to really focus more on the business aspects of my business, a clean workspace, organized files, a place for everything (including me).  This is one of the first steps to proving to myself that I can rock the house!

I never take credit for everything that I do, maybe because I barely have time to breath, or because I don’t think what I do is amazing, it is just what I do.  So today I’m taking a step back and saying I really do Rock the House and I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished and cannot wait to see where the next few years take me….

Thank you Berk Monster for making me see that I do Rock the House….and so do you!!!


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