Connecticut Wedding Planner | Spring Wedding Trends

One of the biggest spring 2011 trends is brides who are using more than one color.  That’s right, if you can’t decide on one color scheme, it is OKAY! Not only do your bridesmaids not have to wear the same style they can choose different colors.

“Pastel colors still continue to dominant our spring and summer brides,” said Dee Dee, Senior Bridal Consultant at Always and Forever, LLC.  “Although they are sticking with pastels for the bridal party, brides are opting for more bolder decor.”

Hand-tied bouquets continue to be the brides favorite with smaller bouquets for the bridesmaids. There are a lot of brides this spring that want monochromatic bouquet — different flowers but in same color range.

Accessories are continuing to be a hot trend. Belts on bridal gowns and pockets on bridesmaid dresses are continuing to make a big appearance this year as well.  Brides are moving away from veils and utilizing more hair art – feathers, crystals, brooches and headbands.

Candy bars continue to be a popular favorite for brides and their guests. Who doesn’t love going home with a bag full of goodies! Crepe Stations and cigar bars are also on the rise.

Photos from: Bouquet; Candy Bar; Hair Accessories


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