2010 was a busy year for us, at least one wedding a month and we would like to share some stats with you about your combined weddings.
      -        Over 2000 guests were at A&F events this year
      -        Over 75% of our weddings centered about the color blue
      -        Locations ran the gamut, from backyards to barns to mansions
      -        Over 10,000 professional photographs were taken
      -        While it may not have been perfect weather for all our weddings, we had no weddings in the rain :) (a major achievement)

We are fortunate to have worked with so many great couples. You were all a joy to work with and we hope that you enjoyed the process and the day as
much as we did.

We would love to hear from you about your experience with us and we hope that you will share your experience with others. Our best form of advertising is word of mouth and on-line reviews. We would be grateful if
you could take a minute or two of time to leave us an on-line review on any or all of the sites below.

Again, thank you for trusting us for your wedding. We hope that you will keep us updated as time goes by in your married life...we love to hear
about babies, hint, hint!

Heidi, Deedee, and the rest of the Always and Forever Crew

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