Connecticut Wedding Planner | Our favorite bites

We are often so busy on the wedding day that it is hard to find time to eat!  However, when we do we just aboslutely love the things we’ve been seeing this year.  Goat cheese has taken on a strong presence, especially at our fall weddings.  Goat cheese is fabulous as a bite or accent to a salad.  We absolutely love these goat cheese bites with sundried tomatoes, so scrumptious!

These goat cheese tarts are fabulous with balsamic vinegar.

And don’t forge how elegant goat cheese can make mini pizzas!

Stuffed mushrooms are always a great bite to serve during cocktail hour.  You can choose cheese, spinach or even seafood stuffings.

stuffed mushrooms

Smoked salmon and scalion cakes make a great statement and are delicous!

Hors d’Oeuvres - Crab Cakes

Or how about a rissoto cake? 

And you can’t forget the caviar and vodka set-up!


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