Connecticut Wedding Planner | Halloween Wedding Trends

Having a Halloween wedding?  You don’t want to miss these scray ideas!  Choose a haunted venue for our reception.  A Victorian hotel or old mansion wiht rumors of unsual activities going on, is perfect to set the scene for your big day.  Popular colors include purplse, burnt orange, red, black, white and swilver.  These colors work well with the season and can also provide an elegant touch.

Having trouble with table linens, go with black or dark jewel tones in volvet, damask, silk or taffeta.  Pick an accent color fo your napkind (i.e. burnt organe napkin with black velet tablecloth). Add lots of black, white or accent colored candles to the table.  Dark chivari chairs with dark colored seat cushions are the perfect way to finish off the look.

Calla lillies and roses work great for a Halloween wedding, choose red, blck, ivory, white, plum or orange.  Add dried branches, black feathers or peacock feathers to add interest and texture. 

You can add illuminated pumpkins to the entrance walkway, gift table, entry way table, seating chart table or food stations.   Organ music or classical music work great for a Halloween theme. 

Why not incoporate pumpkin into your dinner menu; pumpkin tarts, cheese balls or hummus with pita chips are great ideas.  You can also serve roasted pumpkin seeds at the bar!  Looking for some Halloween inspired cocktails?  How about caramel apple, green appple or pumpkin martinis; bloddy mary’s or hot run apple cider. 


Consider doing a Halloween Candy inspired Candy Bar!   And for your wedding cake consider red velevet or pumpkin spiced cake! 

Here are some photos to get your inspired!


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