CT Wedding Planner | Top Fall Trends

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, and fall weddings are even more fabulous!  Who doesn’t love layers, leaves changing, apple cider and pumpkins? Her are some of the hottest fall wedding trends.

Mixed Flowers – We’re talking dark red roses, orange calla lilies and sunflowers…but why not ad in some twigs with raffia, hay or some fall leavers.

With the explosion of dessert bars for wedding receptions, why not consider mini apple pies or pumpkin or pecan or peach?


Along those same lines, how about a caramel apple buffet where guets can dip their apples with creamy caramel, nuts and sprinkles? Better yet, these can double as their favors.

Photobooths have been hot for a while now, so if you are gonig all out with props consider tossing in a few Halloween costumes and let the shenanigans ensue!

Fall is a great time to incorporate seasonal favors including little jars of apple cider, maple syrup or apple butter.

Another great trend we are seeing is colored cardigans for the bride. A touch of 50’s vintage is perfect for a fall night.

Photos: bride.net cornhill nursery living fresh caramel apple bar


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