Connecticut Wedding Planners | Kids vs No Kids

Kids or No Kids?

This is one of the biggest issues our couples struggle with in planning their wedding.  Some couples, do not want for children to attend their wedding reception, reasons may include trying to lower costs by trimming wedding guests from the list, not wanting to put up with potential crying,  during the ceremony, wanting their guests to have an ‘adult night out” and the list goes on…..

The debate on this topic can get out of control, especially when some of the kids in question are related to the happy couple. If you are thinking about the option of an Adults Only wedding reception, it is important that you consider the effects of this decision.  If you decide ‘Adult Only’ here is sometips to get you through this situation:

Indicate that the reception is to be adults only by having the words “Adults Only Reception” or “Adult Reception” printed along with the reception location and time on the invitation.

It is perfectly acceptable to have children in the bridal party but still have an Adult Only Reception.  One thing we love is when the bride and groom have a babysitter available to watch their children after they have performed in the ceremony and participated in the formal portrait session. 

Have goodie bags for the kids, complete with age-appropriate toys, disposable cameras, crayons, coloring books, candy, etc.

Ultimately remember, your wedding day is YOUR day and the bottom line is that you have the right to make whatever decisions are best for you and your soon-to-be spouse.  (Photo courtesy of PHphotography, Lifestyle Photography by Paige and Heidi)


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