CT WEDDING PLANNER| Rehearsal Coordination

We often get asked to assist couples in coordinating their rehearsal.  We work with your officiant to make rehearsal as smooth as possible.  We start by lining up the bridal party in the order that they will stand during the ceremony.  The attendants stand on either side of the Officiant, facing the Bride and Groom. Once everyone knows where they are to stand during the ceremony, you will practice the Recessional. Bride & Groom leave first, the bridal party, parents are last before the guests.  After practicing the Recessional, we re-group the bridal party to begin the processional. We give cues to when everyone should walk down the aisle, making sure you are space far enough apart and on beat with the music.  Once the bride has been ‘given away’ the ceremony practice begins.    During this time the bride and groom will pretend to recite their vows, the readers will have a chance to practice and the bridal party will learn when they need to stand/sit/kneel, etc.

Rehearsal is a great time for everyone to get to know each other and learn about their roles for the big day.  We particularly enjoy rehearsal because we are able to meet the bridal party and parents and be their go-to person for the wedding day.  Contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a rehearsal coordination.


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