weddings with a rustic flair

Want a rustic style wedding with loads of charm? Envisioning a hayride for your guests? Then this is the blog post for you!  Start with a of earthy tones: yellows and golds, tans and browns.  Then, try building the theme around a flower, such as sunflowers, daisies or black-eyed susans.  For a venue, try a barn, field or a cabin.  Here are some ideas to inspire your rustic themed wedding…..

Blue Dress Barn Wedding


10 thoughts on “weddings with a rustic flair

  1. Can you contact me? I’m looking to plan a rustic wedding for next year and would love to talk to a wedding planner 🙂 Thanks!

  2. where is this barn in the photo?….my girlfriend would liek to have a small, outdoor, rustic wedding and the Barns are too pricey for her, and have a 125 guest min. Any good suggestions?
    thanx…….irene aka RED

  3. I am on a shoestring budget and would like to have a rustic wedding, preferably in a barn somewhere in CT, or possibly VT. Any suggestions on a place that won’t cost a fortune?

    1. Hi Heide – There are several spots in Connecticut that may work. The Webb Barn in Wethersfield, The Barns in Middletown and Candlelight Farms Inn in New Milford. Please let us know if we can help further. Thanks

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