anything goes…….really?

Throw tradition out the window (unless you want traditional) anything goes, really for a wedding nowadays!  If you can dream it we can make it happen….have trouble with the execution, no problem that’s what we’re here for. 

We all remember the youtube video – right?  If walking down the isle to the same song as thousands of brides before you doesn’t sound appealing, mix it up.  Walk down to your favorite tune

Who says your maid of honor must be a girl.   If your best friend happens to be a guy, consider having a man of honor.  Same goes for the best man; there’s no reason why there can’t be a best woman.

Your decorations don’t have to be flowers.  Consider thinking outside the box, why not use photos of the lucky couple instead of pew bows; or vases filled with fruit or vegetables as your centerpiece. 

Lastly, remember anything truly goes nowadays, the more personal you make your day the more enjoyable time you and your guests will have!


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