engagement parties

The purpose of an engagement party is to share the news of  the couples’ imminent union with future wedding guests, to introduce the families to each other and to celebrate the impending celebration!  Tradition has it that the bride’s parents host the initial gathering, but the groom’s parents can then throw their own party, or both sets can come together to host the soiree. 

As you decide, here are few things the hosts should keep in mind: 

Pick a date. Typically, the engagement party is held three to four months after the proposal.

Compile a guest list. Make sure your invitees are also on the guest list for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Register . . . or not. Decide if you want to register or if you’ll include a note in the invitation kindly requesting no gifts.

Send invitations. The tone of the party should be in keeping with that of your upcoming wedding. Lots of options here: backyard cookouts, sit-down dinner at a local restaurant, or cocktails at the host’s home.

Decide on decorations and centerpieces. Choose a theme that reflects you as a couple or something that reflects your two families.

Plan a menu. Whether your party will be held at a restaurant or a private home, you should be mindful of any allergies or food specifications of your guests.

Prepare a few games to play. Consider a “team scavenger hunt” to get your families acquainted. But whatever the game, make sure it’s fun, simple, and involves everyone.

Lastly – Hire a wedding coordinator to take care of all the details, we can help plan the menu, choose decorations, send out the invitation and provide on-site assistance so you and your host(s) don’t have to worry about anything!


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