halloween party tips

Halloween parties make a great alternative to trick-or treating. For an incredible, well-put together Halloween party, it’s best to make arrangements well in advance. Here’s some party planning tips for a terrifying good time.

Dress up your candy and food to  look like gross things such as eyeballs, body parts, etc. Make the punch look like blood. Here’s a great website to get you started:


Mood lighting, creepy music and a few well-placed, homemade decorations should suffice.  

Two words – fake blood – here’s a great site to show you how to make it:


Create a haunted house by setting up a garage or part of your house for a good, old-fashioned spookfest. Enlist some volunteers to dress up as monsters, vampires, zombies, etc, to scare your guests as they venture through. Use special lighting such as strobe lights and blacklights to set the atmosphere and don’t forget sound effects.  The dollar store is a great place to find spooky things. http://parent-child-activities.suite101.com/article.cfm/halloween_haunted_house_ideas

A This contest is a must for any Halloween Party! Choose the categories for the contest ahead of time and let your guests know well in advance so they can plan their costumes accordingly. You can hand out a certificate and prize for each category winner. (Think scariest, coolest, most original, funniest, the limits are endless)


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