tropical wedding – without the tropics?

Winter blues getting you down, why not plan a tropical themed wedding for your winter wedding? The key is decor.  Potted palm trees and large ferns are a must. You can rent them for the day, and no other prop will better say “beach.” Potted palms are also a great way to fill a large space for reasonable cost.  If your reception’s in the evening, tuck uplighting at the base for the “wow” factor, and wind string lights around the trunks.

Consider cool ocean blues and greens, or bright equatorial combos like hot pink, parrot green and coral.  Incoporate these colors throughout your wedding with teh stationary, linens and favors.   

Serve food that brings island aromas and flavors back to the mainland.  Seafood, slow-cooked pork, marinated kebobs or jerk chicken: all are terrific choices for the and sure to add the yum facor. And don’t forget the rum punch garnished with colored sugar rims and paper umbrellas: no tropical shindig would be complete without it.

Hire a steel drum band, or find a D.J. to play island music all night long.

Tropical blooms, think birds of paradise, palm fronds or potted orchids. 

A theme like this will having your guests forgetting about the cold days to come – give us a call today to start planning your tropical wedding!



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