Bridal Show Season

Starting in September, and ending in April, you can find a number of bridal shows throughout Connecticut.  Which to choose? Where to go? What to do? Should I sign up? Why do they want to know that?  Here are some of our tips for attending a bridal show….

  • Make a day of it. Plan on lunch or dinner, shopping, and all the different ideas that you will now have in your head once you have attended.
  • Bring your camera, photos are easier to explain to your local bridal shop about this dress that you seen that your bridesmaids would look great in.
  • Dress comfortably! You will be doing a lot of walking! Be prepared for sore feet!
  • Bring labels, with your name, fiancé’s name, wedding date, address, email and phone number.  These will be used to save some writer’s cramps. Use the stickers for the drawings. Rather than filling out all of those entry forms, use the stickers.
  • Don’t get discouraged! If you don’t see something that gives you an idea, ask a professional in that area of expertise. They have plenty of photos of prior work that you just may find what you are in search of!
  • Enjoy it! Remember, if you don’t get it all done that day or weekend, there is another show around the corner.  

Bridal shows are becoming more popular in the fall season in Connecticut.  Here is a list of upcoming shows fall season:

9/20/2009 Chevrolet Theatre – Wallingford

9/22/2009 Maron Hotel and Suites – Danbury

10/4/2009 The Dolce – Norwalk

10/25/2009 Woodwinds-Branford

11/5/2009 Holiday Inn-Stamford

11/15/2009 Sheraton @ Bradley Airport-Windsor Locks


One thought on “Bridal Show Season

  1. Thanks for sharing all these shows! I will certainly come prepared as my tender feet always ache. Ug. I will make sure to bring my Topricin foot cream for the event 🙂 thanks

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