Candy Buffets

Candy buffets add an element of fun and color to your wedding or event. The key to a fabulous buffet t is not skimping on the candy! Your display is as much a part of your décor as it is a sweet favor for guests. Here are some photos to inspire you.

Here is what you need for a successful candy buffet:

Tablecloth or runners to place underneath your display that compliment your wedding them

  • Glass containers in a variety of shapes and sizes work best, but you can also use different colors or silver/chrome containers.  Make sure each container is food-safe and big enough to get a scoop or tong into.
  • Candy (lots and lots) I can be kept within the same color theme of your wedding or maybe do all chocolate!  The opoosibilities are endless.
  • Scoops/Tongs for guests to get candy out of the containers.
  • Containers to bring the candy home with – you can use cellophane bags, chinese take out boxes or even little craft boxes for guest to fill with candy.   Labels or ribbons are a perfect way for guests to secure their bag after filling. 
  •  Use a ribbon, place card holder or tag to identify the type of candy for those guests who might not be around candy much or who are allergic to certain types of food.  
  • Lastly, have fun creating the perfect candy buffet.  We gurantee it will be the hit of the wedding or event!. 

Not sure how much candy you need or need help finding the perfect candy??  We can help!!


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