Wedding Invites – When to send???

 How far in advance should I address and send wedding invitations?  This is probably one of our most popular questions from our couples.  You should start to address your wedding invitations three months before the wedding. (If you have a calligrapher, check with them four months before the wedding as to when they need your guest list and invitations.)   Ideally, wedding invitations are sent 8 weeks before the wedding – allowing guests several weeks to make travel arrangements and arrange time off from work if necessary, before sending them back to you.

Remember, you’ll need to get them back in advance so you can start the seating chart, place cards, make final head counts, favors, etc.  Ask for an RSVP date 3 weeks before your wedding, if you sent them on time.   For couples with a lot of out of town or out of country guests, factor in an extra two weeks. 

Unsure about what invitation works for you?  We are a certified Birchcraft Invitation Dealer and offer a 20% discount to our clients.  There are thousands to choose from and the user friendly website allows you to search by theme, color, or by any key word!


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